The Objectives of the Association are:
Develop, promote and carry out social, cultural and artistic projects, among others, which will promote and disseminate the cultures and customs of the two countries, in all forms of artistic and social expression, organizing events and raising the necessary funds for that purpose;

Promote and assist trade and encourage the development of business and economic, social and institutional relations between Portugal and Nigeria;

Hold meetings, seminars, lectures and business missions with a view to the strengthening of bilateral relations as well as the exchange of technology, culture and tourism between the two countries;

Accompany the decision-making process of the public power in matters that affect bilateral business dealings, with the aim of representing the legitimate interests of its members;

Promote networks of contacts between its members, as well as keep them informed about trends in the business, investment and technology sectors;

Intervene as mediator or referee, in the cases that are submitted to it.
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